Contains Anti-Bacterial Ingredients

(Benzyl Alcohol)

  • Dries instantly
  • No rinse or sticky residue
  • Rich & foamy lathery soap
  • Perfect for elder care,
    post-surgery & so much more!

Easy as 1-2-3:


Rub the Scrubzz sponge to build a rich, foamy lather.


Scrub your body from head to toe!


Towel dry - no rinsing is required!


"I will definitely be ordering these again!"

"These are the best washing wipes I have ever used on my patients.
The cloth soft, not irritating to tender skin, and dries well. I have recommended these to all my collegues in home nursing who have patients who can't shower. I will definitely be ordering these again. and I also recommend these for campers who can't always get to the showers. I will be using these for myself. thank you!"
Janet K.
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    My new go-to's for music festivals!

    “I took these to Okeechobee Music Festival. I used one every morning and one every night, and I was so clean. Even with all the sweat, grime, dirt and dust associated with a festival, these still helped me get super clean and I didn't feel disgusting. These are my new go tos for festivals. I used them as instructed and I was great. My partner also used them but instead of wiping the lather away he rinsed off and they worked as well.”
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    Large enough to actually clean

    “My dad was in a terrible car wreck and has been hospitalized for 2 months. He has a terrible allergy to aloe and all the bath cloths and wipes at Harborview have aloe. Scrubzz are aloe free and are large enough to actually clean him! These towels are amazing. I've bought 10 packs and I'll buy more when we run out! This is a great product for a bed bath.”
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    Perfect for caretakers

    “I take care of my mother who has Alzheimer. These wipes are very convenient for cleanliness between showers.”
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Scrubzz here, there, everywhere!

The convenient alternative shower when a conventional shower is unavailable







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